How to increase the advertising account creation limit for Business Manager – BM

Creating Business Manager accounts for BM10-BM24-BM50-BM80-BM250-BM2500

The advertising account creation limit for a Business Manager account refers to the maximum number of advertising accounts that can be created within the Business Manager. These limits are set by Facebook and vary depending on the type of Business Manager account, which includes BM10, BM24, BM50, BM80, BM250, and BM2500.

Managing advertising accounts through Business Manager (BM) on Facebook brings many benefits and advantages, including:

  1. Easy advertising account management: BM allows users to easily manage multiple advertising accounts and advertise on Facebook and Instagram.
  2. Increased security: Managing advertising accounts and user access is tightly controlled by BM, which increases security and ensures privacy for personal information and advertising data.
  3. Multi-user support: BM allows multiple users to access and manage advertising accounts, increasing flexibility and efficiency in the management process.
  4. Optimizing advertising campaigns: BM provides many tools and features that allow users to optimize advertising campaigns, increasing effectiveness and saving advertising costs.
  5. Integration support: BM integrates with many different tools and platforms, helping users to comprehensively and effectively manage advertising accounts.
  6. Detailed reporting and analytics: BM provides detailed reports on advertising activities, helping users evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns and make decisions to optimize advertising in the future.

I am here to help you overcome the inconvenience and difficulties of managing and running ads if your BM’s ad account creation limit is low. My browser extension allows you to increase the ad account creation limit through exploiting Facebook’s vulnerabilities.

Download the browser extension for increasing the ad account creation limit on BM here => Download Ext

“This is only a trial version that allows you to submit an appeal one time. If you want to rent this tool, the price will be $100/month. Please contact the admin to extend the subscription.”

Video tutorial :

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