How to register for a new Facebook invoice account in 2023?

What is a Facebook Invoice account?

An invoice account is a type of advertising account that Facebook provides with a Line of Credit in the payment management system. This feature is usually provided to Facebook’s agencies, partners or specific businesses.

A regular advertising account will be limited in daily spending, while an invoice account can spend continuously until the credit limit is reached.

After spending the credit limit, businesses will pay Facebook later, while agencies may receive a commission from this credit limit.

For example, with a regular account, if you spend between $2 to $1,000, Facebook will deduct the amount from your card. If the payment is not successful, the ad will stop running.

For an invoice account, the credit limit can be between $1,000 and $100,000 (or more). You only need to pay when you have spent all the money.

Invoice advertising account

The Facebook Invoice advertising account limits the weaknesses of regular accounts. Facebook will give you a very large spending limit. You will only be charged when you reach this limit or pay everything on a certain day.

Large businesses often depend heavily on advertising, and accounts that are limited or dead will be abandoned immediately. Therefore, the issue of managing advertising campaigns is very important. An invoice account is highly valued, and you can even rent it out (rental fee is about 5-8% of the budget).


The invoice account still has to comply with the advertising policy. If you advertise prohibited products, such as “Policy Violation”, the account will be disabled immediately.

Monthly advertising fees must be paid, if not paid (or bounced), the account will be disabled until payment is made again. This affects the Facebook accounts and Pages that were advertised with this account.

Requirements for getting an invoice account

The advertising invoice account is usually granted to agencies or companies with a high level of spending. According to Facebook’s conditions, one of the following two criteria is required:

  1. Have a Facebook customer support representative.
  2. Spend a minimum of $10,000 per month for three consecutive months.

When you meet the criteria, you must contact Facebook to request access to this feature. Therefore, usually only businesses with high spending or reputable agencies have invoice accounts. In some countries, there is a specific Support department link to submit the request.

If you need to register an Invoice account, you can contact….

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