How to create a Facebook Fanpage from scratch for online sellers

What is a Facebook Fanpage? How to create an effective Facebook Fanpage? Fanpages are considered as a high-revenue sales channel for online shops nowadays. Therefore, to make your business more convenient and accessible to a wider customer base, you need to know how to create an attractive Fanpage. Let’s find out more in this article!

  1. What is a Facebook Fanpage? A Facebook Fanpage can be understood as a mini landing page or website on Facebook that serves as the face of your business or organization.

It is different from a personal Facebook Profile (designed for individuals). While your Facebook Profile represents you as an individual, a Fanpage represents your business or organization.

A Fanpage contains a lot of information such as the contact information of the business, website, working hours, location, and other basic information. The Fanpage is also a great platform to post articles, events, and photos on your blog.

These pages are designed to attract followers in the form of likes and page follows. This means that followers will be notified of any new changes to the Fanpage if you have any new posts or updates.

Unlike personal Facebook accounts, a business Fanpage has no limit to the number of followers. While personal Facebook accounts allow a maximum of 5,000 friends, a business Fanpage allows you to expand your network freely.

For many companies, a Facebook Fanpage is an essential part of their social media marketing campaigns.

  1. How to create a Facebook Fanpage easily and effectively

First, I would like to differentiate between a Fanpage and a Group:

  • Facebook Fanpage: It is a page that anyone who likes or follows can see the information you update on your Fanpage. They only have the right to participate in reviewing, commenting, and discussing on your Fanpage’s newsfeed.
  • Facebook Group: It is a group that everyone who joins the group is granted the right to share (photos, posts, videos), or write updates, and share information for the entire group to know. In particular, members of the group can send direct messages to other members in the group.

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