The Facebook Policy Violation Keyword Checker Tool

Keywords that Violate Facebook Advertising Policies – Keyword Checker Tool

Hello, everyone! This is undoubtedly going to be a useful software, and many of you may need it. The idea for this software originated from a post by a loyal customer of Simple Page. They needed a tool that could assist in writing content while avoiding keywords that violate Facebook’s policies, without the need for time-consuming manual checks.

✍️ Benefits of using the software:

  • It supports you in creating content that complies with policy standards, allowing you to write comfortably.
  • If you hire a content writing service, you can have peace of mind knowing that you don’t need to manually check each word, reducing the chances of ad or account termination due to policy violations.
  • Many large Facebook communities are currently being permanently deleted for policy violations in their post content (Community Standards). Admins can use this tool to scan a large number of posts and review them.
  • Webmasters who hire content teams to write articles don’t need to worry about Google penalizing their website’s content (when a website has more than 100 posts, manually checking each word becomes impractical).
  • For those of you earning money from Google Adsense or Facebook Instant Articles (IA), you can also control thousands of posts on your website, limiting the risk of monetization shutdown due to content issues (I have experience with Google Adsense and IA, and I’ve been through the headache of dealing with prohibited keywords and the time-consuming content checks).

✍️ Functionality of the Software:

The tool operates on the Chrome, Coc Coc , Opera web browsers (browsers using the Chromium core can install the extension). Automatically flags keywords that violate Facebook’s policies when running advertisements. Checks a large number of keywords on a single post or ad. Allows customization of color codes for each keyword set corresponding to different industries. Content creators in multiple fields may need to report keywords for each industry, so we have added this feature. Comes with default filters for over 100 prohibited words and word pairs (in accordance with Facebook and DMCA policies). Allows the creation of unlimited filters tailored to different industry content types (suitable for content creation services).


  • Step 1: Everyone, click this button => DOWNLOAD
  • Step 2: Extract the tool file => Open the Extension manager in Chrome => Install the extension
  • Step 3: Pin the tool to the toolbar for easy access
  • Step 4: Open the extension, paste the text you want to check, and you’re done.

Watch a detailed video tutorial here

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