“SwiftMessage Pro” – Message Storage Tool for Swift Responses

The Latest Pre-stored Content Quick Messaging Tool for Fanpage

Are you a Fanpage administrator who frequently faces the task of replying to similar messages from your community and customers? Here’s a tool you can’t afford to miss! Introducing “SwiftMessage Pro” – it helps you save time and delivers responses more professionally than ever before.

Overcome Difficulties Have you ever lost valuable time because you had to rewrite the same messages to send to customers? Sometimes, it’s just repetitive questions or similar content, or even account information for transfers. But now, we bring you a solution – a tool that helps you do this quickly and conveniently like never before.

Unique Features

  1. Flexible Storage This tool allows you to store any content you want. You’ll assign it a memorable character, such as a slash (/). It could be commonly used replies, thank-you messages, receiver information, or even important instructions.
  2. Quick Access Right on Fanpage With just a few assigned characters, you can instantly access the saved content. Using a special character, the slash (/), any response will appear in an instant.
  3. Simple Interface Managing your content becomes easier than ever. You can add, edit, or delete any content in just a few simple steps.

Download the extension here: DOWNLOAD

View detailed instructions here.

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